Team's Formations Not Showing On TV Broadcast After 3 Games In League


Youth Team
Hey all,

As probably most of you already noticed, when doing a tournament league (BPL, Serie A, etc) from the 4th game onwards, you won't be able to see the teams' line ups being presented anymore (only if you have the scrolling line ups option turned to yes).

Is there any way of making the teams' line ups appear normally like they do on TV and in the first 3 games of the league and on kick-off matches?

Thanks in advance!


Youth Team
Update: I've seen Moddingway mod found a way to fix this and I was wondering if anyone knows what it is.

I know this isn't a major issue but it's quite ironic we can't enjoy the new BPL broadcast because EA remembered to just put the line ups showing for the first 3 games.

It's not only that but also that even if we want to know which players our opponent team is gonna use and if the commentator is saying them, if something happens in the game e.g. a dangerous shot, he will stop saying them and since we can't exactly be looking at the scrolling line ups as we must be focused on the game, we end up not knowing what players we are playing against, just with the game going by you will see what players are playing.

P.S. For the first 3 games of the league, we see the players going to the pitch, but from the 4th onwards, when we start the game, the players are already on the pitch ready to start the game and therefore we don't see the line ups as we do in kick-off matches and on the first 3 games of the league.