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Tatto by Juan Carlos

FIFA 14 22_04_2018 21_27_37.jpg
FIFA 14 22_04_2018 21_27_49.jpg
FIFA 14 22_04_2018 21_28_11.jpg
FIFA 14 22_04_2018 21_28_28.jpg
FIFA 14 22_04_2018 21_29_02.jpg


Club Supporter
If it is not to share, you should not publish...what do you gain by publishing something that you will not share??


Club Supporter
Let me explain something to you, you clown, you laugh at everything in the forum, you can't put paid links, you already understand what I want to tell you.
We all know that...what I'm telling you is if you bought faces and so many and you don't want to share it, why do you publish...to show that you have faces and others don't? ...explain that...if you bought it and you don't want to share just don't post what you're not going to share...that does make you a clown
Everything I publish I do not share is true, some things are requests or something that is for sale but you cannot put paid links in the forum. When I place an order for a tattoo on my neck, face, hands and legs, I publish the photo so that the person who placed the order can see how it looks. I don't publish with the intention of wanting to show that I have more than others, that's childish things. I have more than 10,000 things that no one has and I don't publish them.