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Tatto by Juan Carlos

I sincerely apologize for not uploading tattoos for a while because I am arriving very late from work and I don't have time to do almost anything. As soon as I have a while I share some tattoos and textures.
FIFA 14 24_04_2018 23_20_54.jpg
FIFA 14 24_04_2018 23_34_21.jpg
FIFA 14 24_04_2018 23_34_52.jpg
FIFA 14 24_04_2018 23_37_39.jpg


Senior Squad
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@redo1000 another question is the hairstyles that have the hair model along with the eyebrows because in blender the model does not appear and only the texture
sometimes the hair models do not have eyebrows. maybe you chose this kind of version.
but if there is an eyebrow, it is part of hair model mesh. there is not a separate file for it. Sometimes it is also hidden like inside of head model when you upload it by blender. you need to move it to be visible