Tactic and Gameplay Help


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Hey all,

I was kind of hoping for some tips on how to win games, basically I like to play with my home team Stoke City offline versus the computer and generally struggle to convert my possesion into goals.

I like to play a fast counter attacking style based around short passes and through balls in the final third, as I am particularly rubbish at dribbling with skill. Obviously I try and use my wingers when possible as Etherington and Pennant are quite quick and I do get some possitive outcomes especially when they make nice runs inside. I guess I try to play like Barcelona as much as possible, but like I said in a more English style. Is this perhaps where I'm going wrong?

I play with what is best described as a 4-3-3, however I view it as more of a 4-1-2-2-1 with my wingers in a fairly deep possition to make it more solid as I find that there is lots of space between my back line and midfield. Build up play as I said is fast at 95 and short passing is at 20 with free form possitioning. Could this be causing me problems? Everthing else is at 50 with my team width at 60, I now play with an offside trap whereas I didn't before as most default tactics are set like this. I don't know whether to revert back or not, I would appreciate any input.

I wont go into any detail about how I've edited player positions attacking and defensive or player mentallity, but it's fairly balanced. With full backs pushing forward, wingers coming inside and all midfield and forward players moving back when defending. Is there something I could do here perhaps?

Anyway, thanks your time if you read my post and sorry that I'm such a pathetic tatician to need help. I should add that I know your team should be set up to their strengths, but even as a Stoke supporter I don't want to see them playing with their usual direct style. I really would appreciate any opinions.

Now, back to trying to comfortably win against West Brom at home. How depressing...