Sundsvall & Crisronaldo's kit and kitmaking resource


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Hi there again guys!

First of all I wanna appologize for not being active on the forums, I have alot of schoolwork to do and a recently started company as well. I hope you understand.

Now, here's what this thread is about: I may post kits here this year too, but dont expect very much. Chrisronaldo will post his minikits and kits here, but i guess it'll be not very often either, unfortunately!

I will try to post all kitmaking resources I have, like logos, sleeve patches etc, if you ask i'll see if i have it. I thought about posting a bunch of textures too, but they will not be very useful this year, will they?

Sleeve badges:

Swedish allsvenskan, English Premier League, Hollands eredivisie, French LFP, German Bundesliga, German Bundesliga winners(04-05), Italian Lega Calcio, Norwegian Tippeligaen, Spanish La Liga

National Team Badges:

Australia, Latvia, Spain


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Here comes a big set of Hammarby IF stuff:

Kits, home and away ( kind of transformed from 08 to 09)

Logos for creation master



Great desings bross... great work like allways.
A hug


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As usual, it looks like you took the real kit and took it apart and posted a picture of it...

Great stuff, Alex - I hope you finish that kit for Fifa 09 (that is, without texture ;))

Good to see you, pal!


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Quite a while ago i posted something here, but thats life, thanks for all the comments by the way :) Im doing a huge work on the swedish leagues for Fifa Manager 09 and snice they use the same kit style as fifa 09 i thought i could post a kit which i made here...

Helsingborgs IF Home kit:



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Nice to see you around here again mate...;) was a long time i hope to see some more swedish kits and other stuff from you...Keep it up...