.: Sundsvall and Crisronaldo's kit and minikit thread :.


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thank you :) okay guys, you may now request 1 team using following designs:

it must be a 1st league team from: Sweden,England,France,Germany,Spain, holland or Denmark

provide logos and some pics of the kits please, i will make the 1st team toy request, so the first one seeing this..


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Hi mate! I know this team isn't european, but i want to request you the Palmeiras (Brazil) kits. All kits have the Pirelli logo in the top of back (see the pictures of third kit) and in shorts too, and Cinturato P4 in the front of the shirt.

Home kit is green with white shorts and socks. The shirt is all green with white details in front and back (like Paraguay away kit). Shorts are white with green details (2 in front and 2 in back), and the socks are in last year's design (3 lines, with 3 Palmeiras' logos). See the pictures:
http://img158.imageshack.us/img158/4980/palmeirashss0708kc9.jpg (without Pirelli logo in front, but Cinturato P4)

The away kit uses the same design, but in white with green details. Sponsors of the shirt are red, except the adidas logo (see the first picture). The shorts and socks are green too.

Third kit was launched yesterday, it is light green like St Etienne away. The detail logos aren't black, but dark green. I don't know about the socks, please make like home kit, but dark green with light green details. See pictures:

Goalkeeper kit is all purple, in the same design like home kit, but without any details in other colours. The sponsors and 3 adidas lines are white. Please make the socks like home kit too, but purple (not green) include the club logo.

Well mate, I don't know is been sufficient, just ask me if you want to make. Sorry for my bad english, I don't know about the differences of "in" and "on", sorry again if I was wrong.


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Do you want to make Galatasaray kits Alex? I know it isn't from the leagues you said but please make them...

(btw, i stopped making kits :))