.: Sundsvall and Crisronaldo's kit and minikit thread :.


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This is a bit of a change, two amazing kit makers sharing a thread should be good!

Btw, Alex are you going to have your own thread aswell as this?

PS: Thanks for filling my request!


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Nice kits Alex, but don't like the texture, so if you are agree, I will make another for you, and improve some part of your kit ?
Now, I'm busy with real life and FIFA working. I actually make a new texture for myself and I have so much mini-kits to make and some of them to post here, soon.

Right away, my favourite team ...

Paris Saint-Germain home 2007/2008 preview [MINI-KIT] :

I was enjoy to make it, espacially the patterns in the red band which was difficult to do. Then, I made a new Nike logo design with patterns more realist. I took away the forms under sleeves as well, it looks better and improve several effects in my Nike design.

Next to Valencia CF away, Milan AC home, Inter Milan away, Marseille home, maybe Liverpool third.


Always Alex bringing us their excellent designs.
Excellent kits Alex, with this new FIFA your kits will shine more.
And CRonaldo those mini kits looks spectacular.
A hug :rockman:


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what I dont get is .. you do these amzing kits with this detail .. but when smallen .. you lose it all anyway ..Then it's like .. oh .. hmm, great


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well, just to inform you, i've done 7 designs now (5 adidas,1 puma, 1 nike) so i still have some more to do before i'll make kits. good news is that the puma design is the current years design and i've made the onore keeper design too :)


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:) i've done 1 more gk design and a umbro design. here comes a liverpool special pack

Everton home and away 2GK

Liverpool FC away, away europe, gk 1, gk 2



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happy to see alex and CR's kits thread .:):shades:
very nice liverpool kits , make the home kit please alex!(H):amika::amika: