Stitched Logos - Request Accepted


Youth Team
FC Augsburg, Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern Munchen, Borussia Dortmund



Youth Team
Can you make and for the rest of Romanian Liga 1.Crests please.(I don't care how much it takes please):D
And thanks for otelul galati crest :X


Club Supporter
Hey mate, these are absolutely fantastic.

If you take requests I wondered whether you would be so kind to do our custom clubs badge please, if so we would appreciate it so much.

Keep up the good work.



Youth Team
Excellent job with the logos! Very realistic(Y)
I have 2 requests if you don't mind. One is the Tigres UANL logo and the other is the adidas logo for use in my kits. Thank you! I have tried to achieve a stitch effect for my logos but no avail.

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