Start chasing people up



Article writers: Trod, Gareth

Scouts who find players and report back with info: Trod, Parra Power, MonkeyHappy, Liam Best, Pradyut, JTNY

I'm going to start an article now on my first thoughts on CM4. I will keep it as nice as possible.

I will also create two articles for two tactics of mine which can be added.

I have started chasing people up. We need to.


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We should get a place to put in screenshots as well, me thinks. In the players forum. Every player scouted should be accompanied by a screenshot.


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I will scout in the game. It is not out in Australia and I am not prepared to steal. So it comes out the 7th of April (according to EB) so I will purchase it and I will have my results. Up, up and away.