Standard League/Teams/Players ID

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The program is finished. Now I have only to make the tables I need given that I heard no news from savuz ;)
I hope to release it here tomorrow or thursday :)

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I have only to write a little documentation and tomorrow morning I will give you the download link :)

Here you are two screen to show you an example of the potentiality of the tool:

You can see that I have created the Japanese league (random teams), letting the program create 4 new teams for me (with the range of id in the tables I previously created). Then, in the second screen you can see the right assignation of players (with their id) I had assigned to the team with the program and the creation of the missing players until reaching the number of players per team chosen (23), always respecting the range of id chosen for japanese league!

You can already see how much is important to keep original id: Thiago Neves has his own miniface in the game :)

Maybe you don't figure out all the options, that's why I'm going to write a little and useful "how to use" list. Just a first hint: the "Show all teams" checkbox in the leagues group box is made to show you, in the "already existent teams" all the teams that are in the list I made. In this way you can be sure that the team is not in the list before creating it from a Japan_1 (or Japan_2, Japan_3, Japan_4) team. Why did I make this?
Mainly because the team-league assignation of fifamanager10 list I have is not updated. So, if I kept only the normal checkedlistbox based upon your chosen league, you could have lost some teams that were present in the second division league, for example. In this way (showing all teams), you can use the search function and find out if really the team does not have already an id assigned by EA SPORTS or not!

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Here you are the program (just unzip and use):

Please read carefully the "How To Use" htm file in the zip...

NOTE: unfortunately the save operation is slow mainly due to dbmastercmd to be slow. Please wait and believe it will finish :D
The program is made not to be used a lot of times so you should be able to deal with the slowness of player creation and save operations.

Let me know any problem you encounter, thanks :)

P.S: Not sure the program works with 64bit: if it does not let me know thanks!