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ENG-Brentford Community Stadium

Brenford Stadium newly promoted to England's first division scoop
Attention, it cost me a lot to do it, it would be a privilege for gonzaga to include it in his portfolio

Nadie más lo ha convertido, disfrútalo

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Congratulations, guys! I don't know why I would put it as my work. I didn't do anything. It's all you. But one suggestion - better create your own thread, please! I'm not so active recent weeks, but doesn't mean I'm done with stadium modding ;)

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I will try to update fifa 14 stadiums that are already very outdated, that's why they have the fifa 16 files, you can share them with me these would be:

San siro
olympiastadion berlin
Azteca Mexico Stadium


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Hey @gonzaga . If it's not too much of a problem, would you mind creating Moor Lane (Stadium of Salford City). It's a neat little stadium of Salford City in League 2. I'm doing an RTG career mode with them so would love it if we had it's stadium too.

Samuel Dyzuba

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hello gonzaga a doubt because this happens when i convert the stadio olimpico de roma de fifa 16

what have I done wrong

image (19).png

image (20).png


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What is the difference between 14 and 16 version? You have to convert .dds textures into .png and re-apply them to every single object.


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What is the difference between 14 and 16 version? You have to convert .dds textures into .png and re-apply them to every single object.
A complete a total lot of time for nothing, maybe someone want to collect the version of the same stadium from each fifa's instead of having a never made model which would be more interesting :) :D

Samuel Dyzuba

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Hello Guys & Dear Gonzaga! : ewan:

First of all:
I would like to thank you for your work on behalf of everyone, it's really fukin' super cool! : rockman:

I really like it and I think everyone in the English Championships, so I collected stadiums from the English league Championship and the League 1 and League 2, that we really want to see in fifa 14!

So Please Gonzaga, if your time allows very very please convert us to the following stadiums:

Coral Windows Stadium - Bradford City:
(This is a pack of stadiums, but i want just the Valley Parade - Bradford City Stadium)

St. Andrews Stadium - Birmingham City

Roots Hall - Southend

Ricoh Arena - Coventry City

Bescot Stadium - Walsall FC

Macron Stadium - Bolton Wanderers

Ashton Gate - Bristol City

The Valley -Charlton Athletic

Memorial Stadium - Bristol Rovers

Bloomfield Road - Blackpool

Glanford Park - Scunthorpe

London Road Stadium - Peterborough

New York Stadium - Rotherham United

Estadio Alexandra - Crewe

Estadio Fraser Eagle - Accrington

Estadio Keepmoat - Doncaster

Kenilworth Road - Luton

Estadio Sixfields - Northampton

¡Todos los estadios que coleccioné fueron para fifa 16!

¡Realmente espero ver estos estadios en Fifa 14 lo antes posible! ¡Espero su gran trabajo!: sonrisa_innocente_1:

¡Buena suerte y muchas gracias Gonzaga!

you have more english stadiums