Stadium/Scorboard/Movie Server


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Stadium Server 15 will allow you to add and assign unlimited stadiums in FIFA 15, aswell overlays and intro match movies.

Stadium Server 15 Version 0.5 - DOWNLOAD

ServerMap.dll Update for those that get no ids -DOWNLOAD

ServerMap.dll Update for use with modding way patch 1.6 and above -DOWNLOAD

ServerMap.dll Update for use with Fifa15.exe v1.5 -DOWNLOAD

Stadium Server V1.1 and Servermap.dll for use with v1.5 & 1.6 ( including Moddingway) plus Version 1.3 which is used with the European Expansion Patch DOWNLOAD

ServerMap.dll Update for use with Fifa15.exe v1.7 - DOWNLOAD

This Version comes with an added ServerMap.dll which make updating in future easier when ea updates the game, only the .DLL will be needed to be downloaded

Stadium Server V2.0

ServerMap.dll Update for use with Fifa15.exe v1.8 - DOWNLOAD

Stadium Server V2.1

Note:- Please re setup files and re extract from the tool, additional files are now required for the scoreboards to work

Change Log:-

- added compatibilty for user created scoreboards. tv logos and scoreboards are kept seperate to allow for more choice.

– You can now add additional pitchmow patterns and net textures (Same method as adding TV logos)
– The tool now automatically checks version of exe and assigns correct values.
– Includes ServerMap.dll update for use with FIFA15.exe v1.3 v.1.5., v.1.6., v.1.7.
– Compatibility with MW and EEP mods included
- u no longer need to select the EEP mode, does it automaticly now.
- from now on new dll updates will use this version of the program,
Stadium server v1 & V1.1 will no longer be able to be updated.

- dll update for v1.7

-update of tool for compatibility with the European Expansion Patch
-Dll update for v1.6
– Fixed compatibility with FIFA 15 Title Update 1.4
– Added Server Map

Movie Pack Update - DOWNLOAD
Imcluded Are:-
Uefa Champions League
Uefa Chanpinos League final
Europa League
Europa League Final
AFC Champions League
Fifa Confed Cup
Fifa World club cup
Fifa World Cup 2014
Uefa Super cup Final​


Stadium Server:
Allows you to add an infinite number of stadiums to your FIFA 15 and assign them to specific teams and tournament rounds.

Overlays/Scoreboard Server:
Allows you to assign unlimited overlays (only TV Logos currently) to tournaments

Movies Server:
Allows you to assign specific intro movie files to teams or tournaments before a match

Additional Files:
Fir Park Stadium (Motherwell)
BBC Sport Intro
Three HD TV Logos

Install Instructions

1) Place the Fifa15.exe and the ServerMap.dll files in your FIFA 15 directory

2) Create a desktop shortcut of the stadiumserver.exe

3) Open the exe and go to About and select Help

4) You MUST read the Help/Documentation file in order to make this tool work!


To Check if this tool is compatible with your FIfa15.exe version simply Re-select the exe from clicking the select exe button, if its not compatible it will tell U

The tool doesn't modifies the database and therefore it's safe to use it on your saved career/tournament modes!

Tool is not compatible with online modes! (FUT, Seasons, etc)

Shawminator - Fir Park Stadium
Pao4ever - Nova HD TV Logo
Razvanultra55 - BT Sport TV Logo
SG-Cesc Fabregas - Sky Sport HD1 TV Logo


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shawminator;3748776 said:
I have also impleneted the movie server by editing the career nav file to play a movie after the settings screen and before the skillgame( similair to last year)

Putting this is gonna make career mode worth it, haha.


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hello, I t is expected impatiently tool
could you see if you know the temp if possible to assign Dinamics as adboards for stadiums and scorboards (teams, competition)
thank you


Club Supporter
fantastic job!!!!really...
because of people like you, playing fifa15 is really great!!

i don't understand how easports can't consider these posibilities (stadiums, adboards, tv logo,...) in original game...they ignore players and their only purpose is to get money with playes buying fifa15...
but about player's pleasure, they don't mind...i can't understand these..

but i repeat, THANKS A LOT SHAWMINATOR!!! and hope soon your tool..
a question: will you put files for stadiums??? and what stadiums?

i tried to put stadiums files of fifa14 but it seems not to work..


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pao4ever;3759205 said:
will files for FIFA 14 (just the video files for now) work with FIFA 15?

The video files work perfectly,so if u have a lot of them from last year they will work with no issues at all.
The tv logos only require to be a png and u cab create the .big from within the tool.
Stadiums require all of work but once the new script it will be simples.
Ive decided on a different naming convention for stadiums this year.
It will be as follows:-
texture _night.rx3
Then two folders containing 8 files each for the lights called 1 and 3


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stopyra;3759217 said:
Superb work, like always !
will be a tutorial to insert fifa14'stadiums in Fifa15 stadium server ?

Sorry nope. The best thing for fifa 14 is if you own the blender files that was used to create the stadium wait until the new script is released by arianos.


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Just to let everybody know i will be releasing the stadium server tonight.
it will come with the following included:-

Stadium -
Fir Park, Motherwell FC made by Me

Movies -
BBC Sportscene intro Converted by me

TV Logos -
Pao4ever - Nova HD
Razvanultra55 - BT Sport
Cesc Fabregas - Sky Sport HD1
(All Credits for the tv logos goes to the users mentioned)