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can someone give a chance and try to convert this 3 croatian stadiums please? I think they are from Fifa 13 or 14, Stadion Maksimir, Stadion Kantrida and Stadion Poljud (Dinamo Zagreb, HNK Rijeka and Hajduk Split)

here is the link with stadiums files -

here are some videos from this 3 stadiums from Fifa 14, I think they are good quality and deserve to be in Fifa 16. I'm willing to pay for them if someone want to try and convert them.

Maksimir -
Poljud -
Kantrida -


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Would any of the great stadium makers/converters be interested in converting South African stadiums to work in FIFA16? I'm planning on making or at least contributing towards a South African Domestic League Patch & it would be great to have Chiefs & Pirates playing in the iconic Soccer City (FNB Stadium)!
4 Stadiums that would be great to have:

Soccer City (FNB Stadium)
Green Point (Cape Town Stadium)
Moses Mabhida Stadium
Mbombela Stadium

If only Soccer City (FNB Stadium) could be made to work that would be fantastic thanks!


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Someone knows if any North American Stadiums can be create/convert ?? It would be great a career in MLS . .


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Im not sure if any of these have been done yet? But if not then I'd like to just put these ideas/requests out there.
Soccer city - Johannesburg
Rosunda stadium - Sweeden
Red ball Arena - leipzig
Azadi stadium - Iran
The borg Al Arab - Cairo
Pancho Arena - Hungary
New Luzhniki Stadium - Moscow or any of the Russian world cup stadiums

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RobbieD_PL do you perhaps have or know of someone that have any South African Stadiums in a Fifa format? If I remember correctly there was a WC patch for Fifa 09 / Fifa 10 that had some SA Stadiums...?

I'm especially looking for Soccer City (FNB Stadium), Green Point (Cape Town Stadium) & Moses Mabida Stadium.

Would be awesome if someone like kotiara6863 could convert them to work in Fifa 16!


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please,Someone could do park prince update with the texture I made.
I also do dressing if there is need
If you need another graph for park, I would help



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Could someone possibly update Anfield / create a new stadium of Anfield w/ the new main stand? It would look amazing!

I know there are better photos to model off of.


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The problem is this , pes 2017 in pc not have new model bro , only for ps4 and xbox one , maybe in pes 2018 The model can be converted


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Maybe cant help ? my install plugin of importer and exporter on blender but not take effect

and this error after my disablend :c