Some people are so stupid...


Youth Team
I've got 2 players on the market one for 1/2 a million the other for 50 quid. Unfortuantely it's only the one for 50 quid that's getting sold.:(

Some people just get lucky I suppose;)


Reserve Team
Haha... just had to bring this back up to the top and show the idiot who bought my defender:

Crap ball control
Crap stamina
Maxed in tackling - he never asked, who am I to go around giving free information...
And at 24 he's not getting any younger.

HOW can this player go for twice his worth??? This is the state of the transfer market...


Team Captain
I'm willing to bid up to $400K CAD for a Canadian defender (18yo) who's worth about 200K (H) you know him, Hope, it's Daylesford's player (H)


Reserve Team
I currently have 1.2 Mio CHF on my account...not willing to spend it on ANY crap players that show around lately...if needed I'll wait until I've got 5 MIO and then buy a bomb of a player, but not now...

Really sucky situation on the market...



Club Supporter
i would just call this crazy, but he is a good young player. i would never spend that much on a player that young though


Reserve Team
Nomads...I will see in a year or two how many GOOD players there will be...and then this one with his 9 ball tackler and 22 years old will arrive and conquer the world :)



Reserve Team
exactly... the team was foolish to sell a young player as good as that!! i dont expect it to be a cheat.


Senior Squad
hehe. It's definitely a seller's market at the moment.

*goes to see which player to sell*


Reserve Team
Here's my "rival" to simonp's effort. Not as good, but still make a small profit on him, recouping at least teh 453 066 GBP I paid out for him.

After he was slated by Shark the ultimate Transfer Critic, I never really wanted him in my team again :(. Although now some poor swede has finally taken the bait and paid out a huge amount for him.

Now to concentrate on getting a suitable replacement before sunday...