Some guy made all time line ups for 120 teams

For his Bordeaux Gourcuff should be in the lineup ahead of Zidane.

Arnau;3972524 said:
In terms of quality probably their best player ever but only "played" 1 season and a half and won nothing relevant. I would add him in bench.

I've thought about this a bit, is there any team that Ronaldo played for that he would make the all time XI? he was clearly good enough but I wouldn't put him there for Madrid, Milan, Inter, PSV or Barça.



Holy fuck


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Arnau;3972633 said:
typical Bayern 4-2-4


Bench: Kahn, Sagnol, Augenthaler, Scholl, Effenberg, Hoeness.

It's okay, but I think Hoeness is better than Ribery. Much more of a club legend, won more, World Champion, and let's be honest: Ribery hasn't had a great season since his first year or two at the club. There has been a LOT of mediocrity and injury in his time here. They've played almost the exact same amount of games now (Ribery with 1 more), but Uli has more goals, more Bundesliga appearances, more Bundesliga goals, and more impressive silverware. And he retired at 27. The man is much more of a legend than Franck.


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Alves-Messi is the best duo ever on the right side. Dani has to be in that XI. Luis Suarez also on the bench. Guardiola?


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Arnau;3972789 said:
Xaviesta;3972788 said:
Alves-Messi is the best duo ever on the right side. Dani has to be in that XI. Luis Suarez also on the bench. Guardiola?
Still to early to add Suárez over Cesar or even Kocsis
He's not even the best Luis Suárez in Barça history yet.


Barça one is very difficult, we had most of the best players ever. Alves is definitely our best RB ever, much better than Ferrer. Actually, i think Ferrer would be a starter in Chelsea's all time XI.

Guardiola was worse than Schuster and Busquets, even Neeskens, i would only add him for what he means for the club.


Only because the name... in that time Zico and Platini were above him and he spended most of his time at Barcelona injured. First because Goiko destroyed his ankle and then an hepatitis.


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Looking at that Ajax lineup I pretty much agree (even if I'd choose De Boer over Vasovic or maybe put Rijkaard there and select Davids for the midfield).

I do find it a disgrace that for the PSV lineup this man isn't included:

Even as a little kid I sort of secretly admired him, even if he played for our biggest rival. For years on end, he was their captain and he had such an amazing technique and quality to his game. He should be in there ahead of Ronaldo. Ronaldo only played one season for them.


Coexisted with Van Nistelrooy, Bergkamp, Kluivert... same happened with Elber and Brazil in that era.