Some flags I made


Senior Squad
pede54 said:
Bad Luck France huh Vincent?...never mind mate, at least France reached the final :ewan:
Yes that's good, but i prefer they lost because the italian are best than french and they scored 3 or 4 goals. Not like that. :-puke:
That's the football (I don't know if you say that like that in english) (:/)

Thanks and cheer to Zidane, Makelele, Barthez and Thuram. The old frenchies are very good.

So, spain:


Youth Team
Very nice flags mate, I really like the Atletico flags, first class effort. Glad to see someone making excellent flags. I notice that you make alot of the spanish teams. Can you make some flags for Levante and Gimnastic? I really want some for them now that they are in the Primera Division. If not then no worries.