Skill Moves Selector for Fifa WC 2002


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As part of our new policy we'll only be doing one patch per game. For the WC 2002 game we'll be doing a Wc 2002 patch and as part of it we'll include the Skill Moves Selector program. Here is a screenshot of how the program looks its basically the same SMS for Fifa 2002 tested and working in Fifa WC 2002.

Looking forward to receive comments and suggestions about this patch.

Can anyone tell me please if there is any roster update for WC 2002? I would like to include one in the patch.


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World Cup 2002 patch IGGex

Here are screenshots of the IGGex I did for this patch. I tried to convert the IGGEx from the Soccer Access World Cup patch to the FIFA 2002 WC game. These screenshots are not from the final version yet.


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i belive it is a roster update somewhere in
Why don`t you or someone from socceracces a training patch for fifa2002/fifawc2002 it wold be really nice.
Does the new skill move selector changes the way players do the headers or the wall jumps that should not be there? that`s `bout all


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excellent news xbaez !!!!!!!!
but...........when is this patch going to release ?
and .... as al2002 said it would be nie if u can include training patch for fifa wc 2002.
congrats xbaez and ariel .



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great xavier!!

4 preguntas:
1) q numero le pusiste para q el popup cambie de negro a azul?
2) Como haces para q la imagen esa del screen con los nombres se posicione debajo atras de los nombres y no adelante tapando todo (y cual es el archivo q modificaste para agregarlo)
3) Cual es el archivo en el q puedo agregar imagenes para q aparescan cuando juego normalmente (es decir cuando juego y se ve el marcador y el reloj)
4) sabes como modificar el orden de los datos del marcador y reloj?


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more screenshots of the WC 2002 IGGex
Israel Huertas sent me a roster update today, if its good then the only thing left will be the 2GK Beta kits and some kits for the most popular teams


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can u plz tell me where i can get that from
it looks really good to me
good job dud

plz let me know how i can get that


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hi sound cool

about the skill editor i wanted to know when it will be ready for download and from where by the way is there will be any new skills beside the skill who were in the fifa 2002 version