Since Tiger has joined the tour


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Since Tiger has joined the tour, I think (PGA Tour commissioner) Tim Finchem said this recently, golf(golf clubs) is a better game and has grown hugely in regards to prize money and TV ratings when Tiger is playing. We looked a little bit at the lull when he was hurt. Like every golf fan(titleist 909 d3 driver) and everybody involved in the business of golf(taylormade r9 460 driver) and everybody involved in the business of Tiger Woods, we respect his need for privacy and what he is going through right now, but I think we all hope and pray we see him on the tour very soon.You are not going to see any lack of investment in our Tiger Woods games. Particularly this year, it's a Ryder Cup year. We always seem to get a big boost when you have that as well. This is something I think golfers(ping g10 irons) will continue to support. And we are optimistic that golf(ping g15 driver) can survive without Tiger but like everyone involved in golf(titleist ap2 irons), we're looking forward to him coming back as soon as he feels comfortable doing so.It's bigger than golf and bigger than Tiger. We're moving to a real digital world. We are moving to games in a browser. We're moving to different business models. The globalization of my business becomes very important to me and right after soccer, golf(taylormade r9 driver) is the one sport I look at that I say is truly global.