simple questions

1) How do I tell my team to rest the day after a match? I have been playing 05 all this time.

2) I am playing as Spurs, we beat West Brom 5-0 in a friendly, but now almost all my players say they dont feel I give the team enough credit, under the Slight Concerns tab. During the pre and half-time team talks for the game, I told them I expected a win and to not let up. I also mentioned in the media how much I loved Van Der Vaart and Sneijder.

What can I do to change their feelings?

btw, can anyone see my sig, or just a big X?


Team Captain
1) I think you gotta do it manually, after a match go to your training schedule and set your team to Rest 1 Day

2) telling them not to let up is useless, they always get offended for some stupid reason. but I think someone said it before, it's about how they dont feel they can keep performing at the level they've been performing and you expecting them to play as well as they have all the time is too high a standard so they get sad

3) yes I can see your sig