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The Legend
#1 Stunna said:
And for the fact that he came up with the phrase... "Mexican Force of Darkness" (H)

Paul you ready?

Next Pay-Per-View: Firestorm in Fife LIVE from First2Finance stadium
- Four corners tag team match for the world tag titles: Portuguese Armada (Virgo & Shinji) v. SGO (Parra Power & Rob) v. Mexican Force of Darkness (Paul & ManU2000) v. USFF [c] (RunDMB & Brian)

I'm sure you'll spray paint 'MFD' in red, white and green on the belts if you win them :(


The Legend
Seán Denny said:
Where is The Irish Leprechauns in this match? Me and Phil are the best tag team by far.

Phil is in the over the top rope challenge.

You're fighting Denis for his TV belt.

Seán D

fm prodigy
oh well, Phil and me have a combined weight of 700 pounds you know. fat chance of getting Phil over the rope.


Youth Team
Denny's signature move - the Crippler Masher, made the poor opponent have his chips :nape:

Anyway I was originally part of the 99 crew so you're all pwned!! :ewan:


Team Captain
I'd do it just to claim I stuck it to the same woman X-Pac stuck it to. that and it'd probably be the only time in my life I can make a woman that large my bitch :lui:
It sucks how someone keeps changing it, Den is right though, I think it may be the admins at Wiki.

Btw, does anyone else think Rob Van Dam is the best thing to happen to wrestling since Ski Low Low?



Youth Team
Dave coined the term "splibbed a squaffy", no I don't know what it meant either!! :ewan:

Hmm the page went titsup last night, Bobby added the stuff about the championship belts, then the next minute a load of info disappeared. :kader:


That Nice Guy
yeh i feel the wiki gods didnt like what we included, clearly Watson was pushing it Bobby (H)