SG's Ultimate Draft Challenge 2015


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nady;3826285 said:


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very interested to see how Tom and Sir_Didier_Drogba do in this draft ... SirDD has a reputation for prophetic picks to uphold, while Tom is this year's Bobby ...

speaking of which, where is Bobby? and why has Alex never participated?

also, we are clearly missing representation from Nigeria and Jamaica ...


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I'd love to try this for the first time, but I think I'm going to be abroad during the time you begin, which doesn't leave me with lots of posting opportunities. If I'd do this then I'd rather do it right, thinking it through and not skipping rounds etc since I'm kind of a perfectionist. Otherwise I wouldn't see much point in it.


Starting XI
Yup, and I'd need someone in the midfield as well. Jake Livermore fits the bill quite exceptionally if I'd follow the pattern that you guys started. I believe you had this thing where you could pick two players in a row at some point, so Rio Ferdinand as the defender although he never officially got accused of anything particular.

Or some other young but not very promising English defender on huge wages playing in the EPL.


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I'm going to randomize now and we can begin. I won't kick anyone out for missing picks until the 1st, as we have done in the past when we started the draft earlier than previously announced. As usual I will redo the order if I get the first pick...


Make America Great Again

1 Bobby
2 Xaviesta
3 fender
4 Arnau
5 Xifio
6 Mus
7 ShiftyPowers
8 yoyo
9 Filipower
10 Tom
11 Andrei
12 cidicicco
13 Nady
14 Dytza
15 Jaboldinho
16 Juventino
17 Skip
18 Sir_Didier_Drogba
19 Mandieta6
20 Massive


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I'm stuck with Skip and Sir_Didier_Drogba at the end again, yay.

I wonder if Bobby will let Xaviesta have Messi.