SG's Premier League All Time XI - Forwards


Sir Calumn

Alright, the final polls. So far the race for centre-backs was exciting, but the rest of the contests were pretty onesided. I suspect this may not be the case for the last two positions.

The team so far:

GK: Peter Schmeichel (62.07%)
DR: Gary Neville (64.29%)
DL: Ashley Cole (66.67%)
DC: Jaap Stam (42.86%)
DC: John Terry (39.29%)
ML: Ryan Giggs (77.78%)
MR: Cristiano Ronaldo (69.23%)

(Percentage of votes shown in brackets).

The polls for those positions have now been closed, but you can still post in the threads if you want.

As our team needs two forwards, you must vote for TWO from the above poll. Vote for more or less than two and I will delete your votes. Whether you chose to simply vote for the best two or the two that you think would play best together, is up to you.


For this one I went with Bergkamp. He's the reason why I started to like Arsenal. And the other one is pretty ******* obvious.

Sir Calumn

Had to go for Henry because at his peak I have never seen quality like it in the Premier League and almost anywhere else.

Second vote was a toss-up between Bergkamp and Rooney. Rooney is probably very very slightly the better player, but I went for Bergkamp a) because Rooney had that year long strop where he had no form at all, whereas Bergkamp was entirely consistant b) Rooney is still only half way through his EPL career, by the end of it he could be the best of all time but it is just possible that the strop could repeat itself and he could combust Fernando Torres style and c) we all know how amazingly well Bergkamp and Henry played together.

Furious that Drogba didnt make the list.

Sir Calumn

Ha Shearer is my most hated of them all, in fact probably my most hated footballer in football history.

I actually quite like Cantona.


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Winning a title at Blackburn is pretty ******* impressive to me. He holds the records for most goals in both a 42 and 38 game season.

EDIT: And most goals ever by a wide margin.


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Stats don't lie, people. The Blackburn Shearer was a machine.

Personally, I would find a place for Cantona in midfield.


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ShiftyPowers;3229028 said:
I will neg everyone who votes for Cantona.

Cantona :D and Bergkamp. Pretty much flipped the coin between Bergkamp and Shearer. Cantona is one of the reasons I started watching the EPL and liking United, mid-90's were magic :-(