SG's Premier League All Time XI - Central Midfielders


Sir Calumn

Alright, the final polls. So far the race for centre-backs was exciting, but the rest of the contests were pretty onesided. I suspect this may not be the case for the last two positions.

The team so far:

GK: Peter Schmeichel (62.07%)
DR: Gary Neville (64.29%)
DL: Ashley Cole (66.67%)
DC: Jaap Stam (42.86%)
DC: John Terry (39.29%)
ML: Ryan Giggs (77.78%)
MR: Cristiano Ronaldo (69.23%)

(Percentage of votes shown in brackets).

The polls for those positions have now been closed, but you can still post in the threads if you want.

As our team needs two central midfielders, you must vote for TWO from the above poll. Vote for more or less than two and I will delete your votes. Whether you chose to simply vote for the best two, the two that you think would play best together or give one vote to the best attacking midfielder and the other to the best defensive midfielder, is up to you.


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The true destroyer and ******* Super Frank.

I don't care if it's a homer, but they're both ******* awesome.


Went with Scholes, after debating for a moment between him and Lamps. It's funny though, went with Gerrard easily, even though he never won it.

Sir Calumn

I went for Gerrard and Lampard. So many players I would like to vote for ahead of Gerrard, Makelele out of love, Vieira out of respect, but I had to grit my teeth, be completely non-partisan and admit that Gerrard is just that little bit better than all the others.


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No one voted for Roy Keane? Common son (s). Ya'll either just hating cause he ****ed up that Haaland dude or its the recency effect. I'd take on-form Keane over Scholes, Makelele, Fabregas, Lampard any day


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Scholes by a mile. England went downhill ever since he retired from international football. He has always been underrated.