SG's Babe Competition 2014

Back Door Skip

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Alex;3826337 said:
I think her face is really pretty. And that booty is absolutely amazing.

Hahaha I knew that you'd know about her. Why haven't you pointed her out to us earlier? Were you holding back on your SG brothers!?

Absolutely nothing wrong with this face Az:

And remember, this is a screen capture from a video. When girls faces are photographed, rather than filmed, they'll always look better.

Mexican TV networks tend to hire models as news casters especially in the north, so it's nothing new. It seems she caught on like crazy though.


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Is Ronda Rousey attractive? She can look mannish as well as cute, she is fit but possibly too muscular, she comes off as endearing but perhaps not the smartest and might be too emasculating. I'm really torn about her.


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She did look good in the ESPN Body issue, and does look good for what she does. Compare to others in her field, she isn't too muscular.


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Back Door Skip;3863572 said:
Her looks are not the problem. Her mouth is. You can tell she has not sucked enough dicks.

That's why you have such tasty lips, Skip?