SG's Babe Competition 2012


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Yeah, it's that time of the year again.

Last year Kate Upton destroyed the competition and beat Gemma Atkinson in the final. The year before, dark horse Nikki Whelan shocked everyone by beating favorite Miranda Kerr in the semis and going on to beat the Holland of the Babe world, Stacy Keibler's Ass, in the final. Adriana Lima and Bar Refaeli tied at the final the year before that. In 2007, Jessica Alba beat Elisha Cuthbert in the final. Cuthbert beat Scarlett Johanson in 2006, and Alba beat Carmen Electra in 2005. The unofficial champion of 2004 is, I believe, Stacy Keibler. So, some rules:

1. A member must have 1000 posts to nominate a Babe, and 100 to vote. Members with fewer votes will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis should we not get 32 spots filled.

2. Nominations will be over 2 weeks from now (June 24th), should the 32 spots not be filled by then, appropriately chosen wildcards will fill in. Any nomination can be changed by request until the 17h. After that I will not accept any changes. Choose wisely.

3. The competitions format will be exactly like last year's, which is modeled after the World Cup.

4. Should a draw occur, as it did in 2009's final, the newest voter's (date of joining) vote will be discounted.

5. Seedings will be done, as always, using Google Image search. Because of this, you must supply your nomination in the correct spelling, since I will copy-paste it.

6. Your are encouraged to PM me 2 pics of your babe as soon as possible. Otherwise, I will be choosing them and I will not be objective.

First come, first serve.


1. Kate Upton (Champion)
2. Bar Refaeli (Mandieta6)
3. Evangeline Lily (Deisler)
4. Natalia Velez (ShiftyPowers)
5. Candice Swanepoel (fender)
6. Amber Heard (4ndr3i)
7. Melissa Satta (Xifio)
8. Emily Atack (O-car)
9. Emma Watson (Tom)
10. Monika Pietrasińska (RobbieD_PL)
11. Elsa Pataky (ronnifan9)
12. Kate Middleton (Sir_Calumn)
13. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (Hades)
14. Mila Kunis (leungtl)
15. Kristen Bell (mvanegmond04)
16. Olivia Munn (Ilaje)


Kate Upton - Incumbent
Kate Middleton - 202,000,000
Emma Watson - 102,000,000
Mila Kunis - 71,800,000

Amber Heard - 59,700,000
Kristen Bell - 49,500,000
Olivia Munn - 29,900,000
Bar Refaeli - 28,000,000

Candice Swanepoel - 14,800,000
Rosie Hungtington-Whiteley - 6,350,000
Elsa Pataky - 1,920,000
Evangeline Lily - 1,700,000

Melissa Satta - 1,350,000
Natalia Velez - 319,000
Emily Atack - 89,300
Monika Pietrasinska - 71,000


Group Stages:

Group A:

Kate Upton
Olivia Munn

Candice Swanepoel
Melissa Sata

Group B:

Mila Kunis
Kristen Bell
Rosie Hungtinton-Whiteley
Natalia Velez

Group C:

Kate Middleton
Bar Refaeli

Evangeline Lily
Emily Atack

Group D:

Emma Watson
Amber Heard
Elsa Pataky

Monika Pietrasinska

Knockout Rounds:


Q1: Olivia Munn vs. Mila Kunis
Q2: Kate Middleton vs. Elsa Pataky
Q3: Natalia Velez vs. Katie Upton
Q4: Amber Heard vs. Bar Refaeli


S1: Mila Kunis vs. Kate Middleton
S2: Kate Upton vs. Amber Heard

3rd Place:

Kate Middleton vs. Kate Upton


Mila Kunis vs. Amber Heard


Chacarita Juniors

The artist formerly known as ronnifan9
Shifty, I see your Colombian supermodel, Natalia Velez and I raise you...

The Davalos twins.

...AND Sandra Valencia.

My pick, Elsa Pataky.

Shifty, get yourself some taste. (H)

Mandieta6, I know it's too late to ask, but do you admit twins? (H)

Kate looks like such a retard in that 2nd gif. just sayin'

Sir Calumn

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, Baroness Carrickfergus - Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" Wales; née Middleton.