SG's Babe 2013 - Quarterfinal 2


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Voting will close in 2 days, you must have 100 posts in order to vote. The babe with the highest tally will proceed to the next round. You must actually VOTE in the poll, posting your choice does nothing. Also, you may, and are encouraged, to post pics of any of the contestants in this group, either to encourage or discourage votes for any of the babes involved, but please refrain from posting any pics that aren't of them, there are other threads for that.

Catalina Otalvaro

Amber Heard



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I don't like it how Amber's 2 pictures look completely different like she's two different girls... I don't know what to make of it.


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It seems that the poll is closed, but hmm... Catalina looks like one of those girls that you would have a night with, while Amber looks like a keeper (brunette hair does it for me).

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MaSsiVe;3536740 said:
I'm sold on the colombian masterpiece.

Front is fake, back is generic for Portuguese/Spanish/Latin. Sorry, but her face looks like a prostitute will all that make up and the lip implants.

The other one has nothing, is completely bland, seems half asleep all the time and thus looks very pedestrian, by comparison.

As you will soon see, they're both lightweights.


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You forgot to mention her asymmetric nostrils and overprominant shoulder bones.