SGFC revival! Everyone read, forum members, mods and administrators! VERY IMPORTANT!

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I’m not sure you all remember when Jambo Den, got the idea of starting a fantasy football club for the SG Forum members, he named me as president. Now, I was supposed to gather information about those who wanted to join “the club”, and customize player and club stats into FA Premier League Manager 2001. But I quickly realised how boring the game was, and slowly the “buzz” about SGFC was forgotten……
But I have now started an initiative to put the club in the Premier League with my Tri Wasano editor for CM 00/01.
What will is that I, instead of being president at the club, will become manager, since I and it will be played on my computer (very logical, huh? :D ;) , and instead I will need YOU, the forum users, and also mods and administartors to help me out and join this, hopefully, fun and exciting project! ;)
The club will need he following staff and players (for the staff jobs I have written those who I think would be suitable for the job):
Chairman: Matt Holme
Managing Director: Lior Fengas
Director of Football: Andrew Drinkwater
General Manager: Joseph Lemon
Assistant Manager
4 or 5 Coaches
up to 7 Scouts
and about 3 Physiotherapists
+ atleast 22 players for the squad……..

To be a player of the club all you need to do is write to my e-mail ([email protected]) or reply here the following stats (example):
Forum Name: Dragan T.
Real Name: Dragan Tucakovic
Nick Name (to have in the game itself if you want one): Dragan, Dragon-Fly etc……
Birth Date: 20th January 1984
Nationality: Danish/Croatian….
Position: Forward (right, left, centre)
Possible Positons: Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, Attacker, Sweeper. Wing Back, Anchor, Support
Sides: Right, Left and Centre
Preferred Foot: Right,Left or Both…….

Out of the following skills mark out 7 that you want to be good at, where you can give a “20” (which is the highest score)…..NOTE: If you, ofr example, wanna play a defender in the game, then don’t waste points on giving your self good skills in Finshing and Dribbling for example, but concentrate on giving yourself good defender skills like Heading, Marking, Tackling, Positioning and so on………
The following skills are available (the scores are 1(lowest) and 20(highest), although some skills are not good at having a high score in like INJURY PRONE):
Agility (good for goalies)
Anticipation (good for goalies, and any other player who is good at being at the right place at the right time)
Balance (good for goalies and defenders, when they are being challenged)
Bravery (good for goalies, and tells how willing a player is to sacrifice himself for the team)
Consistency (how well you perform from match to match, and how good you are at keeping a good playing form)
Corners (If you want to be the teams Beckham, then give your self 20 points in this skill and Set Pieces and Free Kicks ;) )
Crossing (Good for a winger)
Decisions (How good a player is at taking important decisions during the game, important skill for the team captain)
Dirtiness (needs no explanation, i would say…..)
Dribbling (good for forwards, and offensive middfielders)
Finishing (if you wanna be the teams scoring machine, then this is an important skill)
Flair (How good a player is at doing something unexpected, for example an attacker with a 20 in this skill and dribbling, would have no problems scoring atleast 20 goals each season)
Free Kicks (look at CORNERS)
Handling (Important skill for a goalkeeper, shows how good he handles the ball)
Heading (If you are very tall in reality, then make yourself more realistic in CM by giving yourself a good stat in this skill and Jumping)
Important Match (how good a player is at motivating himself to play his best at top matches)
Injury Prone (If you are not strong physically and from time to time get injury (whether it’s sport or something else) then this skill will be high, but if you are a real Jaap Stam or whatever, the type that is very strong, then you’re perhaps not so reluctant to get injured, and therefore a low score will be given in this skill like 1-9)
Jumping (Look at HEADING)
Leadership (Once again, this is a skill that decides if your a good captain or not)
Long Shots (Saw the goal Veron scored against Celtic the other day? If you’re good at these kind of shots and also long precise passings, then give your self a “20” in this skill, and it could prove necessary if you’re a winger, midfielder, or an offensive type of midfeilder)
Marking (The skill that makes a good defender)
Movement (How good you are at positioning yourself at the right place when your team is on the offence NOTE: if you’re a defender then do not give yourself a ratng higher then maximum 10 in this skill)
Natural Fitness (Are you in god shape, or what?)
One-on-One (for goalies, how good are you when you’re one on one with an opponents attacker?)
Pace (How high is your top speed? A good skill for any winger, or lft or right defender)
Passing (How good are you at making good and precise passes?)
Positioning (For defenders: How good you are at positioning yourself defensively)
Reflexes (for goalies; how fast are your reactions?)
Stamina (The better stamin, combined with good NATURAL FITNESS, the slower a player tires, and more quickly he recovers for the next match)
Strength ( Ever heard of Jaap Stam? Well if you’re a type of defender like him, then give yourself a “20” in this skill)
Tackling (Important skill for defensive midfielders and defenders)
Team Work (A good skill for a captain, and also the type of players that are good at organising the teams attacks and defence NOTE: If you’re a forward then you don’t need more then 12-13 in this skill)
Technique (Good for forwards and other offensive players, this skill decides the difference between a good precise shot, and a “Zidane-on-a-bad-day” shot)
Throw Ins (If you’re the teams Gary Neville, then this is the skill to be an expert in)
Versitality (How good you are at playing in positions you’re not used to)
Vision (How good you are a recognising players in good positions)
Work Rate (How hard working you are, especially good skill for the teams captain, defender and central midfielder)

NOTE: Please don’t exaggerate, cause I remember when gathering player stats the last time, some gave the selves ratings that would make Figo, Zidane, Beckham and all the others look like amateurs…… :rolleyes: :D ;)

A good goalie is good at: Handling, reflexes, agility, balance and bravery
A good defender is good at: tackling, marking, positing, strength and team work
A good winger is good at: passing, shooting, crossing and pace
A good attacking midfielder is good at: passing, shooting, pace, teamwork, anticipation and dribbling
A good defensive midfielder is good at: stamina, tackling, positioning, passing, heading and teamwork
A good striker is good at: dribbling, finishing, shooting, passing

The coach (myself) will be playing by a 3-1-3-1-2 tactic which means that I will atleast need 3 goalkeepers, 5-6 defenders, 2 defensive midfielders, 5-6 midfielders, 2 or more attacking midfielders, and 3-5 forwards……

Remember that the sooner you mail me or reply here about your stats the bigger chance you have to play in the position you want, example: if already 2-3 person have written that they want to play in, lets say, central attacking midfielder, then the fourth in order who also wants to play in that position will either have to insist to be used in another position, or be hired as a staff worker like scout, or physio, or not play in the team at all……i’m sorry…..i know it sounds harsh, but my team has no good from having 5 attacking midfielders (when i only need one or two) and having only 2-3 defenders when i atleast need 4-6……….

I have already put the SoccerGaming team in the database of the game and here are the stats so far:
CLUB LONG NAME: SoccerGaming Football Club
STATUS: Professional
NATION: England
DIVISION: Premier Division
CASH: 5,000,000 £
REPUTATION: 15 (Max. 20)
MAIN STADIUM: The Forum Arena (Capacity: 50,000 + Retractable Roof and Under-Soil Heating)

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Fan Favourite
I would love to be a player, but i am too lazy, too much writeing, so i willjust aply for Manager or if i won't get it, the put me in for assistant manager.

Can't stop the rush...

Hip Hop is Dead
Count me in but i need to think of what my stats would be... :confused:

I will be the manager,assistant, or a coach if you need me.

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Originally posted by Belarus Help?:
<STRONG>I would love to be a player, but i am too lazy, too much writeing, so i willjust aply for Manager or if i won't get it, the put me in for assistant manager.</STRONG>

oh yeah, i forgot to write my name after the manager slot.......but Belarus Help will be assistant manager, and ryan will be one of the coaches......i will e-mail you guys about the stats that i need... ;)

C'mon everybody....we need more players...... ! ;)


Senior Squad
Well i need to have some clarifications like how's the game gonna be played like is it something like GOAL MASTERS ONLINE or what?

after you tell me then i'd consider


Originally posted by Dhruv:
<STRONG>Well i need to have some clarifications like how's the game gonna be played like is it something like GOAL MASTERS ONLINE or what?

after you tell me then i'd consider</STRONG>

no it's not anything like that, it's like this:
You tell me what you want to be in the club, player or staff....and then i use a database editor for CM 00/01 and put the SGFC team in the Premier League, and play with it where i'm the manager and those who've signed in are players and/or staff......and every week or so, i will write a report in this forum, to show you how the team's been doing, who has scored the most goals, and so on.....this way you can sort of follow your fantasy career through me and my reports......get it? ;)


Senior Squad
Ok Thanks...yeah i'd like to join you.

Forum Name-Dhruv
Real Name-Dhruv Sood
Nick Name-Dhruv
DOB-10th April,1984
Position-Attacking Midfielder(AM)
Possible Positions-Striker,Left Forward
Preferred Foot-Left

According to my position i have given the marks which are out of 20

Important Match-20
Injury Prone-12
Jumping -17
Long Shots-15
One-on-One -13
Stamina -17
Team Work-15
Technique -15
Vesitality -18
Vision -16
Work Rate-20

(i'm sorry if i exaggerate but this is just a game you see and you are free to change anything you want but please not my nickname


C'mon Dragan, I allready gave you all my stats a few months ago, I'm not doing that again because it's too much work I think.
I spoke to a few other former SGFC members and they share my view about this subject.
If you've lost all the applications from a few months ago than let me know via my e-mail ok?


I would become a Manager or a President but make me a Captain

Forum Name: Nik
Real Name: Nikita Startcev
Nick Name:
Birth Date: 26th August 1984
Nationality: Russian
Position: Midfielder
Possible Positons: Defender, Defensive Midfielder, Sweeper.
Sides: Right and Centre
Preferred Foot: Right

Acceleration 12
Aggression 18
Agility 10
Anticipation 18
Balance 17
Bravery 19
Consistency 16
Corners 19
Crossing 15
Decisions 20
Dirtiness 2
Dribbling 14
Finishing 14
Flair 16
Free Kicks 19
Handling 4
Heading 20
Important Match 18
Injury Prone 2
Jumping 17
Leadership 20
Long Shots 18
Marking 20
Movement 18
Natural Fitness 17
One-on-One 5
Pace 14
Passing 20
Positioning 20
Reflexes 9
Set Pieces 19
Stamina 17
Strength 18
Tackling 19
Team Work 20
Technique 18
Throw Ins 12
Versitality 16
Vision 15
Work Rate 20

And of course i should be on the starting line-up with no discussions...


I'm in

Forum name - yoyo_911
Real Name - Horatiu Amariei
Nickname/Game Name - Horatiu
Date of Birth - 24th/8th/1988
Nationality - Romanian
Position - Mid Centre
Poss Positions - Mid (centre)
Preferred Foot - Right

Acceleration - 16
Agression - 15
Agility - 8
Anticipation - 10
Balance - 13
Bravery - 10
Consistancy - 12
Corners - 18
Crossing - 12
Desisions - 18
Dirtiness - 19
Dribbling - 15
Finishing - 17
Flair - 15
Free Kicks - 11
Handling - 14
Heading - 12
Important Matches - 20
Injury Prone - 7
Jumping - 8
Leadership - 17
Long Shots - 19
Marking - 11
Movement - 16
Natural Fitness - 14
1 on 1 - 4
Pace - 12
Passing - 17
Positioning - 15
Reflexes - 10
Stamina - 15
Strength - 13
Tackling - 18
Team Work - 18
Technique - 16
Throw Ins - 10
Versitility - 19
Vision - 17
Work Rate - 17

[email protected]

plz put me in starting line up


Forum Name: Brodeur
Real Name: Gianluca Pelizzoli
Nick Name: San Luca
Birth Date: 22nd September 1984
Nationality: Canadian/Italian
Position: Goalkeeper
Possible Positons: Goalkeeper, Defender, Sweeper.
Sides: Right, Left
Preferred Foot: Both

Acceleration 14
Aggression 10
Agility 18
Anticipation 20 (Really!)
Balance 17
Bravery 17
Consistency 15
Corners 10
Crossing 9
Decisions 12
Dirtiness 10
Dribbling 14
Finishing 8 (I'm really bad at this)
Flair 16
Free Kicks 10
Handling 19
Heading 17
Important Match 19
Injury Prone 10
Jumping 20
Leadership 12
Long Shots 8
Marking 11
Movement 7
Natural Fitness 17
One-on-One 18
Pace 16
Passing 14
Positioning 14
Reflexes 19
Stamina 18
Strength 16
Tackling 13
Team Work 14
Technique 12
Throw Ins 11
Versitality 15
Vision 16
Work Rate 17

I wouldn't mind being the substitute goalkeeper or the number one goalkeeper. It's up to you. I tried to make the ratings real.


Hey Dragen if you dont already have it planned then I can make the team in FEd & do some kits etc to make a fifa2001 patch for the team.
What u think ?


I'll play

Forum name - NufcNut/Number9
Real Name - Nathan Gray
Nickname/Game Name - Nathan Gray
Date of Birth - 11th/12th/1985
Nationality - English
Position - AttMid/Striker (Right,Centre)
Poss Positions - Def Mid, Mid (any side)
Preferred Foot - Either (about 16-17 on each)

Acceleration - 18
Agression - 14
Agility - 3
Anticipation - 13
Balance - 11
Bravery - 16
Consistancy - 16
Corners - 16
Crossing - 16
Desisions - 15
Dirtiness - 4
Dribbling - 17
Finishing - 16
Flair - 16
Free Kicks - 20
Handling - 1
Heading - 20 (im VERY TALL)
Important Matches - 20
Injury Prone - 3
Jumping - 19
Leadership - 17
Long Shots - 17
Marking - 11
Movement - 15
Natural Fitness - 20
1 on 1 - 2
Pace - 19
Passing - 18
Positioning - 9
Reflexes - 10
Stamina - 15
Strength - 17
Team Work - 18
Technique - 19
Throw Ins - 7
Versitility - 12
Vision - 15
Work Rate - 20

Possible captin also !

Sorry if thats a bit o.t.t but i am very tall and fit :p I also have a mean left foot free kick.

As dhruv said if you think thats too good then change them but i am amazing really :p

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Originally posted by NufcNut:
<STRONG>Hey Dragen if you dont already have it planned then I can make the team in FEd & do some kits etc to make a fifa2001 patch for the team.
What u think ?</STRONG>

sure, i don't mind if u do that.... ;)

JAMBO DEN: yes, i got your first e-mail, but i wrote to you that you forgot birthdate and some other things i think, but you didn't reply, i think....

SILENCER: You're right ,and wrong.... ;) :D
Yes i did do that a couple of months ago, but it was a totally different game with a bit different stats and ratings, but i'll se if i can find those old posts i recieved from you and some others ;)


Dragan once you have all the players, eiter e-mail me the CM team, or a list of thier CM Attributes and i will get onto converting them into Fifa...
What kind of kit do you all think we should have ? an idea of colour scheme would be good !


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Make America Great Again
Forum name - ShiftyPowers
Real Name - Shifty Reitz
Nickname/Game Name - ShiftyPowers
Date of Birth - October 13, 1983
Nationality - American (Non EU :()
Position - D RC
Possible Positions - Sweeper, Wingback, Defensive Mid, Central Defender
Preferred Foot - Right, about 12 for Left

Possible captain for the side....

Acceleration - 18
Agression - 16
Agility - 18
Anticipation - 20
Balance - 18
Bravery - 16
Consistancy - 19
Corners - 5
Crossing - 15
Decisions - 19
Dirtiness - 5
Dribbling - 14
Finishing - 9
Flair - 11
Free Kicks - 4
Handling - 1
Heading - 18
Important Matches - 16
Injury Prone - 9
Jumping - 16
Leadership - 20
Long Shots - 9
Marking - 20
Movement - 5
Natural Fitness - 15
1 on 1 - 14
Pace - 17
Passing - 13
Positioning - 16
Reflexes - 15
Stamina - 20
Strength - 18
Tackling - 17
Team Work - 20
Technique - 14
Throw Ins - 12
Versitility - 20
Vision - 13
Work Rate -18

By the way, you forgot the Mental Charicteristics......

Adaptability - 15
Ambition - 20
Determination - 20
Loyalty - 20
Pressure - 18
Professionalism - 18
Sportsmanship - 12
Temperament - 16

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