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'fraid not, however i'll still comment on peoples experiences and pretend i know what the **** im on about...


To be fair, FM doesnt change much (as Alex has said so many times before)

Kibe Kru

Starting XI
That sounds nice... I'll have to get the game myself too, but I guess it won't take long till I get the money... and seeing as the signups will be up to Jan 31st, and allowing a week or two for Ruud and Alex to make the patch, I guess I still have some time... I just hope I don't screw up the team anymore...


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New. Smaller stadium, but with plenty of room for expansion. No sponsor on the kits. Slight alteration to their style. Relocated back to London. Same logo. Same name. Less reputation. Not sure if I used more or less money than in previous years, but should be enough to sign new contracts.