SG United 2006 released. Link inside.


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Oh, and disregard the "evaluation" notice you get, it doesn't hamper the functionality. I'm not going to purchase a $250 programme to create this update :crazyboy:


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rpvankasteren said:
Upload is in progress, but filefront can be a lot faster than rapidshare, if you use it at the right times :p

okay, thanks anyway, I don't have time to try it out right now anyway, but will DL it as soon as possible:D

Great job!:D (Y)


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Looking forward to play with you guys, but right now I can't leave Goodison. But I'll just download it just to be sure.

EDIT: BTW Rapidshare goes a lot faster than Filefront. :)


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Ruud, if I install the SG United patch, would I still be able to play with my current Wolves game?

I'm so anxious to play with SG United yet too emotionally attached to my current game. :(

The patch looks fantastic BTW! Great job Ruud!


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yes u will be able to.
Installer will add a db in a different folder, so it DOES NOT AFFECT STARTING A NEW GAME OR ANY EXISTING one. I believe Ruud has made the installer create a new shortcut on your desktops, from which you should start the game only when u want to play with SG Utd. I fink that is all right, unless ruud decided to do something different from what hes told me :p