SG Network Game


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1) The host will start a new game, I won't explain further cause Kulixs or Manny will do this and know how to.
2) The host gives his IP adress to the other participants.
3) They go to ''join network game'' and fill in the IP of the host.
4) You arrive in the game, go to add manager etc. etc. you know


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I'll give you my IP address when everybody meets up on MSN at 18:00. So at 18:00 everybody needs to be online on MSN so the game can begin.


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I'm so sure I'll relegate, I'm Wolves, and all the other bad teams are controlled by human players too:( Other teams I expect to relegate:
- Leicester
- Fulham

(H) My goal is ending 16th.:p

I think Southampton of Bbranco will end highest of the human players.

Thats my prediction


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I hope i do well but PSV Forever Wolves have 7 million to spend and decent players and your better at this then some of us so youll do pretty well.:p


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Well DAY 1 of the online Sg game got under way....and its official, Cody is living in a dream world, and is considered a laughing stock :rolleyes: (H)


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Guys, come back again, tuesday, 18:00 (british time), we'll try again, with the season close it should work better. If not we'll make negotiations into smaller games, 2x3 etc.

It'll work, i know it.



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We didn't get too much further after you went, because we played a couple of friendlies, as far as i know, you are still waiting for the work permits to come through.


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The online game means the same game version and the same
DB pack. Is it available? You know,the file is so big.