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I got the first PM today with the following question:
Originally asked by Larry
Maybe its time to make a SG club for FM ?"

And I responded that I would start thinking about it soon. Well, now's pretty soon.

I was thinking about creating a team with just about completely random players, as there would be more fun in playing with a random team than always having this same kid scoring heaps...

The only set things would be name, birthdate, nationality, position, current ability, and maybe one or two boosted stats.
Potential ability would be, depending on which league the team will start in, distributed over two or three of the random categories. Current would be set depending on the selected category for the player and his age.

Nothing decided, though. I'd like everyone's input.

Also... my MSN is out again, so anyone who has a good site to have the rar-file uploaded, at 26.9MB...


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so it isnt gonna be like SGCM then? e.g. we have our own names but dont neccasarily see how good we all are (randomly generated as you mentioned in one of the other threads)

well im up for it, though obviously last time i was mod, so looks like this time my potential is gonna be down here with the peasants :p :p



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It still is. The 3 groups of potential would be distributed according to activity in the FM forum. (maybe I should make it CM5 forum, that way the CM5 forum might get a boost :p)

My idea is that one states what position one wants to play, and which two stats to excell in (start at 15?). Then the creator of the patch and the AI will do the rest.

How to do the distribution of the current ability though...
If you are, say, 25-ish, you should get ~95% of the potential, but how to do that without removing the randomness...
I'll test the player randomisation AI tomorrow a little... maybe.


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So, if anyone can

Diego Ochoa

Current Ability, well, I think if we all gonna have random stats, CA also must be random, or, all the players having the same CA, talking about Potential, if all the players has this random, it would be better according to the fact that we'll not like to play with the same players always :p

Well, hope this will go well :)


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Postboosting will lower your potential. Don't worry, I'm not that thick. :crazyboy:

Originally posted by Vagegast
I can upload it. Send it over MSN or e-mail it to...

Cool, but I'll try SG first, they did host the previous versions as well. Just have to split up the file for e-mail, and then have them put it back together.

Oh, and btw, Nidoking and others also, don't sign up for it yet. The format still needs to be confirmed. :p


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Hmm like NIDOKING said are all the current ability going to be same or will that be random as well? Also you said we are gonna have 2 ability that will be 15, is that only for technicel ability or for physical ability too? Like say if i wanted passing and shooting to be 15 but i also wanted acceleration and stamina to be 15 is that allowed?

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Originally posted by rpvankasteren
None higher than the top posters, like yourself.

i think potential should be arranged like this:

Regular posters in FM Forum
Regular posters elsewhere in
Other posters