SG Draft 2017 - official sign up thread


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Sir Didier Drogba;n6455896 said:
On the other hand, some crackhead picked Falcao like 7 rounds ago :p

Badmouth him all you want...doesn't change the fact that he's had an amazing season and is one of the most prolific strikers around.

Gary Cahill surely had one of the best seasons of his career, I'm not his biggest fan but he deserved to be selected.


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He must've done something right considering Conte played him in basically every single PL match and Chelsea's defense was one of the less beaten. Also scored himself 6 goals....can't be that bad.


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Terry? Not sure what you mean.

PFA team of the year 2017:

Well what do you know...there's Cahill :-O


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He's a very good CF. Technically poor but big, strong, quite fast, good finisher, good in the air and powerful shot.


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Sir Didier Drogba;n6455830 said:
I can't believe Asensio was still available - I even thought I remembered him going, was gonna pick him myself a round or two ago but was sure he was gone.

Icardi is also another absolute steal at this stage.

Wanted Asensio in this round but another pick went just before my chance. Surprised he lasted that long also.

Was confused between Icardi and Lukaku but I went for the player I like more instead. Icardi is a killer and has better hold up than Lukaku imo. I'm actually thinking of starting him ahead of Mertens and tweaking the formation with Alexis behind Icardi. Alexis in his best role and I think they'd be a more balanced complimentary partnership.

I must say I fucking love this team and its surely one of the best.

Sir Didier Drogba

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Guys please try to PM/FB picks to more than one person if possible, I had Fender and Jabo picks but they came in the night when I was asleep, hence the short holdup


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ShiftyPowers;n6455988 said:
I think Blind should be your lwb, and I don't consider Mertens good enough

Think I'll go with Icardi ahead of Mertens as a 9 with Alexis behind him. I like that shape more also. Alexis is best when he is free to play as he pleases while Icardi is damn good at finishing and playing the basic no.9. Mertens has done excellent as a false 9 last season though but I suppose he should be Alexis substitute.

De Gea

With Bernardeschi I want more dribbling and pace at LWB/LM. Blind has great stamina, much better defensively and great passing but I want him to cover that left side defense while managing the game from there with Xhaka. I think that area and role would be maximizing his ability-great vision and passing with the game ahead of him, great anticipation, interception while he has the stamina to go forward and retreat back to position. Won't expose his weaknesses in the air, lack of pace and strength while get the best out of his ability.

I went for Manolas on the other side for his recovery pace, decent stamina and being the front foot defender while his ability on the ball is decent if not spectacular. Godin is the leader of the defense obviously and he is completely free to do his job.

The main theme and idea I wanted was to have a team that hits balance in all four phases while the players get to play in their best "roles" and positions on the pitch without having to sacrifice anything in terms of structure covering up each of the individual weaknesses.

Would rather have a top striker in place of Icardi like Lewy and Lemar instead of Bernardeschi but I think the pieces have fallen for me in terms of what I want out of my team.

Think I've nailed it honestly though I'm totally open to whatever criticism.


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Sir Didier Drogba;n6456001 said:
Poet that defence is just horrible. Three mediocre defenders with a mediocre shielding player and not wing backs. You need to change that.

Bullshit. Manolas is Romas best CB and Godin Atletico's as well as one of the best in the world. Blind is quality and perfect for the role. Florenzi plays right back is 10 times the player Victor Moses while Bernardeschi is more capable than Alonso who just won the PL.