Season 3 in the Superleague


Youth Team
How do we all think we are going to do this upcoming season?

The Superleague is going to be really tough this time round.

Ponte's team, Guildford Flames and Bromley being the new boyz but all looking very good teams. Then the 'Big 3', Hurricanes, Edinburgh and myself. But not forgetting Chelmsford and Dynamo Ducks.

This is by far and away the strongest Superleague yet and possibly one of the hardest in the world i'd say.

It's going to be really hard for me to retain my Superleague title and get the coverted back to back but I'll give it a go!

Anyway my tip for the title is Guildford Flames


Reserve Team
I'm tipping Bromley for it. Class act of my division last season, and seem to be wiping the floor with teams in a few FLs too.

Think Ponte might struggle unless he can get his squad size up quickly. Don't think Chris will be quite so lucky this season either :confused: hope he proves me wrong.