Searching for nice club


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Ok, since I installed the patch just a few days ago I'm wondering which club to manage. So I was hoping you'd have some advise on a nice club. It can be really everything from Dag&Red to Barcelona.


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Boro, good squad, a lot of Dutch players, a lot to spend, but it's a challenge cause the wages are enourmous (more than 600k a week)


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Once you strenghten the defence they're a half decent ream to work with.

Also, a home crowd of 25,000 + , start off with a bit to spend on wages and about 2m euro on transfers.


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I'm really enjoying my Monaco game. It puts you in a team with decent transfer funds (8 mill) but a pretty low wage budget 40k max for a top division club.

In my 2nd season I got Monaco the title, and to the semi finals of the CL. On the way I knocked out Milan at group stage (my group was Arsenal, Milan, Basel and me), then I knocked out Man Utd 2nd round, Deportivo Quater finals and lost 4-3 on aggregate to Arsenal semifinal (from being 4-1 after 1st leg)


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That are some nice suggestions indeed...Difficult to choose one. Mayb I'll try a few of them.

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Try Partick Thistle and see if ya can be the best in Scotland:D

Or if your really good best in Europe:rolleyes:


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Maybe you had made a selection, but here's my recommendation.

Ejido, from Spanish Second Division, I'm in love with that club since CM4 and I always have a game with them :)

I didn't have a game with them in FM05, but that's because I'm using the time I play updating Argentina DB :(


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Leeds are fun. They seem hard, but they have some great talents to begin with so it shouldn't be needing total renovation and the bore from it.

As much as I hate to say it because I know you won't heed it, try Feyenoord. Great fun with the talents. Or even PSV. After all, knowing your enemy best only helps you get better, yes?


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try beveren they seem to have almost only ivorians, try to buy dindane, toure kalou and stuff, also look at the ages :crazyboy:


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Could be an interesting challenge to only buy ivorians, selling all the belgians, and your squad must be 100% ivorian, and cannot have players from another country, ala Chivas or Bilbao :p