[SEARCH] PES repalys for DYNAMITE 2 movie!


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Hey guys, PES 2009 hit the stores several weeks ago and I want to continue my DYNAMITE HD series! That's your chance to participate in maybe the biggest PES 2009 movie project and show your skills and make your name famous all around the PES 2009 community.

Just for the people who maybe don't know me or my previous movies: I'm Stephan from Hamburg (Germany), 26y old, IT-specialist und video designer since 2001. Maybe some of you know me as one of the Planet-Movies.com administrators or the Crixon Gaming [/b] CS movies.

Reference: DYNAMITE HD (first part of the series):

89% voting with 3000+ downloads at Planet-Videos.com
Interview at ingame.de (ger.)
Interview at Creative-Movies.com (eng.)

So if you have nice goals, beautiful dribblings, great saves by your keeper, funny misses or everything you want to show to the world just send me your original replay.bin files. According to the High Definition quality level I just can't accept youtube clips or recorded AVI files! I will create the best camera angles and HD recordings to present your replay! (I don't mind if you already presented your replay in any form before!) Multiple replays are welcomed!

Just put your best scenes into any ZIP or RAR file and send it to me or upload it somewhere and hand me the file link! (Rapidshare for example)

Additionally all your mates and oponents are invited too to present their replays, too!

The target release is February 2009.


ICQ: 104216612
Mail: [email protected]

Thank you for your attention, see you on the green heaven!
Stephan "Fusi" Tischer