Scouting = Pathetic


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I'm in year seven of my Lincoln City career with a manager rating of 8. My scout and negotiator are both rated 10. When I scout players, no matter where, their ratings are in the 30's, 40's if I am lucky.

What the heck is going on?


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I suspect that it is a bug, because I see the same thing with my year five Wycombe team. The higher my scout staff level the worse the players they find. Looks like someone wrote a bit of logic the wrong way round,.


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I would agree, since I had a 3 year career with Bolton going where I was consistently scouting players in the 60's and above


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nikehair;2293672 said:
I'm in year seven of my Lincoln City career with a manager rating of 8. My scout and negotiator are both rated 10. When I scout players, no matter where, their ratings are in the 30's, 40's if I am lucky.

What the heck is going on?

This year the scout plays this way, shame cause it has been a good idea in the lasts Fifa.....:nape:


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I realize I'm WAAAAY late on this but I have an answer for this discussion so I figured I'd post it. This is a little long but I think it safely explains the scouting discrepancies mentioned here. I do not think this is a bug, I believe it to be a feature.

The basic issue in taking a small team up through the ranks to become a big team is balancing salaries and playing ability. I've been simming games instead of playing them, which is more of a challenge and makes things go a lot faster. I've won the Premiership with Hereford, but more or less that's because I've solved a lot of the issues involving salaries to wind up with good players for cheap. Brazil and Mexico and Poland and Korea to lesser extents are good places to look because the low prestige of those leagues keeps the asked salaries significantly lower than similarly rated players from bigger leagues in Europe. The only downside is that sometimes they say they can't sell any more players.

You simply don't generate enough sponsorship revenue at Hereford to support a guy with 100,000 a game salary for very long and so you're mostly out of luck buying the best players from the best leagues, even if you've stashed up enough transfer money to afford them.

The scouting issue also seems to track with this. When you scout for players and it pops up guys for you to sign, you'll notice that the asked salaries for these players are generally in the range of salaries of the bottom half of your club. In other words the salaries tend to be based on your overall revenues and (I believe) more specifically your sponsorship money. Why you can't get guys like a Korzynietz or Krammer at Hereford even at Scout level 10 is that the scouting system picks the very best available players for you at a salary level appropriate for your team's revenues. :jambo:

The end result is that level of scouting is far more effective at Man Utd, Barcelona, et al because the high base revenues and sponsorship monies support higher salaries and signing fees (which are sizeable for those guys) and therefore the very best available players in the scouting system.

I'm guessing you could eventually get it to the point where Hereford could get these guys by building Hereford's sponsorship rates up, but you only have 15 seasons and the sponsorship system is such that you'll never quite get Hereford up to that 900,000 plus a game that the big clubs have, no matter how much you win.

An alternate way to sort of do the same by starting at a lousy club and still get all those tasty scouting treats is to switch clubs every one or two years and build up your prestige to where you can switch to a superclub by season 6. You'll wind up paying rather sizeable fees for these guys when they pop up, but with Man Utd you'll be rolling in money anyway and what you pay for them will be a drop in the bucket compared to what they'll be worth a year later if you want to sell them. The end result is by year 12 you'll be looking to sell off guys who only have a top rating of 88 and not the ratings in the 90s like the rest of your starters. 24 and 25 year olds with ratings in the 90's tend to go for 35 million or more, the 10 million you paid for them is a bargain by comparison. You'll also steamroll the premiership in ridiculous fashion (yes I unlocked the undefeated season code using only simmed games). I still had a few more years of upward growth left but I got bored and called an end to it. When you're selling guys with ratings of 90 and 91 because they're not good enough to start for you, you've pretty much won the game as much as you're going to.

You can argue whether this is the right or wrong way for EA Sports to do things, but I do think it gives a substantial advantage to the big clubs and truth be told they probably don't have enough of one in manager mode. Truthfully, with a single minded desire toward that end, you can get a 10 scouting for Hereford pretty quickly (by season four probably) and if from that point on you just added nothing but a long string of cheap future stars and superstars it would pretty much ruin every other aspect of the game.


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snoppf1;2342848 said:
wow you really looked into this

anything else you can tell us worth knowing
Yeah I missed around with changing things in Creation Master and seeing how it affected things like Sponsorhip, Salaries, Staff upgrades and the like. I'm about to post a new thread.