Scoring from Midfield glitch?


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Ive noticed in PES4 PC that if you take a shot from midfield you will score about 20% of the time or at least hit the post....ive done it twice with Henry, once with Pires and once with Ibrahimovic...Has anyone experienced this?


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Not sure if you've noticed but most of the time when you're in the midfield, the opp goalie is very, very far from the goal. ;)


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my mate keeps pinging them past my keeper from midfield straight from kick off, normally with henry, he scored his best with viduka tho. Can be bloody satifying if you score one though. :)


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It might have been coincidence but I too have noticed that long shots often stand a better chance of going in than 1-on-1s with the keeper.

My RMF Zola missed a string of 1v1s, often missing the goal completely even though he was no more than 10 yards from it, yet in the dying seconds I decided to take a last-ditch shot from about 30 yards and he goes and curls it staight into the top corner :rolleyes:


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yeah it seems that on a lot of 1v1 i wouldnt score as much as i remember scoring on we7. Lots of opportunities have been lost because of that, it seems kind of annoying. And this year it does seem that more long balls find their way into the net.

Oh well


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the 1-on-1s are somehow harder for users than for computer. When computer has a 1-on-1 chance, they just score easily with a low ball under the hand/armpit of my keeper. But if i shoot in the 1-on-1 situation, their keeper usually pushes the ball away with some knee jerk reaction. maybe i often dont press the up/down button to choose the corner to shoot. :crazyboy:


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I see it as a bug.
It is way too often, and very annoying as you cant get your keeper to stay back!


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I just scored from near the half way line for the first time, and the keeper wasnt even past the penalty spot. I have noticed though that goalies are often way out of there net and I do try to score but Ive never produced a shot good enough to beat the keeper, but last night I did it, and it felt gooooood.


yes i scored with benayoun
free kick from the hakf field circle


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Best option for 1 on 1 - Lob.

Takes time to get used to it though, anywhere from 10 games to half a season. During that time, it can be quite a put off as it seems much more convenient to just play the ball under the keeper. But like everything else, patience and practice pays.

A few games against Buffon, Kahn, Casillas and I had to learn.


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If every 1 on 1 was too easy we would have too many ppl complaining about how hard it is to score 1 on 1s... ive scored plenty of 1 on 1's easily tap ins.... I think some of u arent tappin the shot button fast enough:rolleyes:


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In 1v1 situations I use the shot feint a lot--press the shoot button and before your player shoots it tap the pass button to feint. If you do this at the right distance from the goalie you'll fake him out every time, and it's a simple tap-in from there.

I like doing the short chip/lob, but it's harder for me to control. Sometimes if I'm up by enough goals (3 or 4) when I get in a 1v1 with the keeper I'll just dribble it and try to fake him out by changing direction at the very last moment when he dives for the ball, then tap it in. The timing is a bit trickier, but it's very satisfying when you pull it off.

I haven't tried a scoring from the midfield, but now I'll definitely give it a shot. I rarely score from outside the box at all, so I didn't think I could score from that far out.