Scarlett`s face.


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These faces are made in FIFA 16 version,they files will upload if i buy FIFA 20. -2-

Ingame by fifaline315. thanks!

young and modric. (only texture.)

but can they be converted to fifa 20?


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hahah Thanks~ I'm just worried about computer specs..

post your specs here and people should be able to tell you if it's possible. my current specs are 4-5 years old right now, and i run fifa with max everything at 60fps no problem.

btw, gary neville could do with an update aswell i know he isn't technically in fifa 20 anymore. but it's easy enough to mod him in.

would be a shame not to be able to use your work in fifa 20
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wow!! superb!amazing!marvelous! why EA never done he before! EA is selfish,only do what want ,forgot the fans.thanks guy.