Sami Hyypiä announces his retirement


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Sami Hyypiä has just announced that he will retire after this season.

He immediately also joins the Finnish national coaching team.

Thanks for all these years, you've been important to Finnish football!


Senior Squad
A legendary Liverpool player **** him :D

Just kidding :P One of the most influental players of Finnish football. Thankfuly he knows when to call it quits, unlike his "co-legend" Litmanen who was close to joining Nõmme Kalju of Estonia from local HJK :P Talk about a faded star...


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He isn't a fotballing legend(to me) but he is without a doubt a legend to Finnish football and he really was a great player. I already heard that he is gonna work for both Bayer Leverkusen and the Finnish national team. With time, he may become the manager and I'd love to see that.