Samael's9 Faces


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pao4ever;3984802 said:
Great! Just remove the shine from the nose and lips. Your faces look really nice, you just have to improve the textures. Don't rely exclusively in the original pictures. Use them to give the proper shape to the model and then try to implement them with original EA textures from scanned players. I'm not perfect, but I hope that my advices will be handy

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Thanks man, your work are really great too.
And thanks for the adivice. I'll do that for sure.


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Lucas Romero - Cruzeiro
Jadson - Corinthians
Miguel Borja - Palmeiras
Willian Bigode - Palmeiras


Willian's Hair model credit to: wichanwoo.


Guys, Please, if you want to share this pack with someone else, please help me send him the adfly link.
This is the only thing I ask.


Youth Team
wish list

Felipe Vizeu (Flamengo) - Need best version
Jorge (Monaco) - Need best version
Yago Pikachu - Vasco
Henrique - Fluminense
Sornoza - Fluminense
Réver - Flamengo - Need best version
Berrio - Flamengo
Copete - Santos
Pablo - Corinthians


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If you take requests could try to do the Brazil U-17 team of this year, mainly

Alan Alanzinho Palmerias U-17

Gabriel Brazao Cruzeiro U-17

Vitinho Corinithians _U-17

Victor Bobsin Gremio U-17