Round 5


Youth Team
Lost 4-1

got 6 points from 5 games and sitting 4th, although top 3 have pulled clear so no promotion in my 1st season :(

Pontefract City

Senior Squad
Well, was taking on Bromley...former hockey giants who have zero points most likely due to form and were second bottom of the SSL. It was pretty frustrating at times, especially since my goalie kept letting in lame goals on the counter attack, but I managed to win 3-4 at their stadium...just. I still have no idea what is up with my goalie, he just isn't doing well at all. :(


Reserve Team
Lost 7-2 :-s

4 goals in 4 minutes right at the death (poor stamina?) Was surprised, even by my standards. Was 2-0 up at one point as well... strange game.


Reserve Team
You can watch the matches because they haven't sorted out packages for Hockey yet, I thought?

Anyway, 3-1 win for me against the 2nd place team, leaves me 5 points clear after just 5 matches :D Looks like I'll just be the one season late in getting promotion to the Superleague...