Round 3

Pontefract City

Senior Squad
Time to continue the Paul and Pauly show (feat. Paul, guest stars - Blair, Rony) with another thread...anyway...

Who have you got this week Pauly? Who's going to whoop your ass at home this week, PAULY? :p


Reserve Team
Playing Southampton United, who've been promoted twice on the trot but have lost both their games so far this season. Looking to continue my 100% record this season...

In other news I'm in the last 64 of a Hockey Cup, along with Hurricanes, mowzington and ... Pauly. Still feeling so confident? ;)


Youth Team
Some crappy team who got promoted are going to beat me today and confident about the cup... a big fat NO:(

Pontefract City

Senior Squad
Indeed...simulated bull****. Pauly won 8-3...good game mate though I am slightly puzzled as to how my 7 puck goalie (with 7 form) let in eight goals...and three from virtually your first three shots. I am pleased to have scored 3 away from home but letting 8 in...oh well, guess 5.5 form ain't good enough away from home to even get a fair scoreline :( Need to get it up to 8 before my next league match or I'll be in trouble.

*Writes critical article to Crew regarding Hockey simulator* :p

P.S. What confuses me more is that a 4 shooting youth scored two yet my 8 puck shooting, 6 puck passing forward fails to do **** all in nearly all my matches. Oh right maybe the fact that he has 1 in form...I really need to start managing form better :rolleyes: ;)

I'll be ready next time Pauly, just you wait

*Gets on rope ladder suspended from helicopter*

MWHAHAHAHA (H) :rockman:

EDIT: Ah **** I missed a player I wanted because of this stupid rant....******* ****er mothertrucker


Team Captain
won 5-1 away against 2nd place, 1st place beat 3rd place 9-4 away, so I think I sit 2nd, 3 pts behind


Reserve Team
5-3 win for me, still level on points but behind on goal difference with daley_lama. will be fun when we meet :)


Reserve Team
Nice 0-5 away win for me, now sitting top of the table on GD. However there's 5 teams who are on the same amount of points :o Playing one of them next week, hoping to pull away from the pack.