Round 13


Reserve Team
Wooh this is one crazy relegation battle!

Luckily for me, I beat second place considerably and bottom place won against the team above me. If it would have gone the other way round, as I was expecting, I should be relegated now. But now it looks like I'm going to stay up - I'm just out of the bottom three on GD. I have the third placed team next week, need to get a result out of them to stay up. And with my new tactic (which I haven't yet lost with) I'm fairly confident :)

Here are the new league standings...

Erith & Belvedere.... +26.... 29 points (promoted)
Weybridge City.......+21....25 points
Drunken Sharks.......+1......22 points
Frendlees Falcons.....-9.......18 points
Stockholm Syndr.....-12....16 points
Derby Canucks........-17.....16 points
Athletico Hockey......+8......14 points
Kings Cross United...-18.....12 points

And here are the results and old league table:

Pontefract City

Senior Squad
Hello Superleague :) I won 1-3 away to the bogey team of the league Skipton Thunder Eagles. Don't think they had been beaten at their stadium in the league before. Ah well, soon to be youthless but at least I have something for the wooden cabinet.

chris boston

Senior Squad
I drew 3-3 while Acrington won, meaning I need to avoid defeat at home to survive relegation. I'm three points clear but equal GD, defeat isn't good enough, draw or win obviously is though.


Mullet Boy
Ah, just properly started playing today, lost 4-3, I'm proud! :)

I'll b in division 2 next season, but I left my players to train and they're quite good now! :)


Reserve Team

2-3 loss to Bromley, they get promoted, in all fairness they deserved it. I'm left to blame myself for only starting to play properly 2 games into the season, after losing the first two...

Ah well, my squad will still be stronger by next season, might get one of Ponte's youths ;) I'll see you guys in the Superleague in season 12 :D

Pontefract City

Senior Squad
Damn it, I shouldn't have let you all know about my youths lol. One of my guys sold for a crazy 56k meaning I'm now out of the debt and will probs start my education back up when I get back on Friday. :) Oh well...