Round 11


Reserve Team
Didn't know my game was at 9, missed it :o

Stil won 5-3, closer than the stats would have suggested. Still 5 points clear at the top, but with only 9 points to play for I'd have to mess up pretty badly to miss out on promotion...

Pontefract City

Senior Squad
I can't believe I didn't beat The Hurricanes, they hit me with 2 counter attack goals (damn form) in the 1st, 4 minutes into the second period (while I was attacking) - the 'players get stuck together' bug occours so there was basically no second period and the third period I owned yet still couldn't find a goal! I thought I was going to get thrashed but instead my form no-hopers shocked me with their play...still can't quite believe how I was screwed out of victory for like the second team in two weeks. :(