Round 10


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Blimey, this place really is dead. No League thread yet.


I won comfortably 0-5 away, still sitting top of the table by 4 points. However i have consecutive matches against 2nd, 3rd and 4th place coming up over the next 3 weeks, and could decide whether I go up or not. However, i can afford to lose one game so that's a comforting thought :)


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Got an away tie with the 1st place team 0-0, I'm happy with the result, cuz I played with my star mid suspended and it was away.

The match was full of aggression.

22nd minute my CD/captain intently kicked his player and got a red card. 42th minute his star striker clashed with one of my players and was injured. second half my midfielder was injured also. A couple of losses for me but the result is worth it. :p


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Won 1-6, now 10-0, but it was the first goal I had given up all season which sucks for me. I think my gd is something like 51-1 now. Its a pretty sweet deal.


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Beat the poor team 13-0 with 49 scoring chances , had to score more i think ::/


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My opponent's player that I injured (in my previous post) has a fractured arm and is unavailable for 60 days. That's his best player too.

I feel like a thug. (H)

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I beat Grimsby AFC by something like 7-1...previously had lost to them once and drew twice but had deserved to win when I drew twice so vengeance was certainly sweet. Both football and hockey sides are on form...I know I can win in hockey this week, I just know it.