Round 1!

Pontefract City

Senior Squad
Eh...are they using the season 1 simulator, because that was a load of bollocks! 2-1 down with 7 minutes left, Ducks score 2 from 2, I then score 1 from 1, and then they score 1 from 1! arse...simulated ****, bingo!

Plus about 5 minutes of the game was wasted when one of their player's got stuck.

5-2 Final Score...I hate ******* form...I said I wanted a draw from the match before...hell no, I was confident on winning that match I just didn't want to seem cocky. :kader:

chris boston

Senior Squad
I won 4-2 against Edinburgh Ice Bears, means I won in both sports today by a two goal margin and three points already. :D


Yahoo Pool King
i won 7-2 .... it would be nice to get into national hockey league but i dont think i can overcome the ice hawks...


Team Captain
won 6-3 away and sit 4th on GD :o :p outshot them 32-14, my whole team is on 0 form because they need to play, but I pulled through :hump:

PS: challenge me, Ghetto Maple Leafs, rony2087 :(