Rosicky to Liverpool?


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Send Rosicky to England and he will get creamed. As much as he gets fouled in Germany, he will get manhandled in England. I think he is one of the best in die Bundesliga, but not the best. Mehmet Scholl, when healthy, can be considered. Deisler is always injured, and Altintop? Give him some time and see if he continues as he is now. I think he has already fallen off?

:rockman: <-------- How Jens Jermies should celebrate after a goal, that crazed metalhead.

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Of course Rosicky would get creamed in England, could you imagine what Keane would do to him? . . . the kid is practically a walking skeleton . . . I kid, I kid. ;)

But, yeah, he should probably put on some weight before he considers moving abroad.


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Not even just Keane-o, but think of some of the big burly players in England who lumber around the pitch just to make hard tackles. Dany Mills comes to mind. Hell, how many broken bones have we had this season in England? 3 at least? 2 in one game, Liverpool, Blackburn! Rosicky should stay in Dortmund with Mr. Jan Koller, and enjoy the extra 85,000 or so fans at the Westfallenstadion.


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IMO Rosicky is one of the top 5 playmakers. He is great i remember the way he took arsenal apart in the champions league up in dortmund. If liverpool got him imo there attack would be very formidable especially if they did get cisse.

But at 5 million, i would be disappointed if wenger werent interested