RockyFra's Crappy Faces (Legends)


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Hi guys, theese are my first faces.

Rivaldo (textures need to be fixed):

Zidane (eyes and textures need to be fixed):

I'm also working on Aldair:

For Zidane I edited wichanwoo's textures from fifa 14.
If someone would help me with the textures would be great!


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GIGGIRIVA;3803481 said:

GIGGIRIVA approvved XD

I'm also working on a patch: Serie A All Time with 10 or more teams like AC Milan (Kakà, Maldini, Gullit, Rivera etc.), Roma, Juventus, Inter... I would ask you if I can use some of your faces included in Classic Patch 14.

When I finish it, I will start with Liga, Premier and Bundes.


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steven2212;3805282 said:
yes, oliver kahn head from fifa 13 cant be converted, can you make the new head model?

This is the best I can do, needs hair model and a good face texture.