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Hello Everyone, I'm new here and wanted to shamelessly plug an awesome soccer manager game. This game is truly a great in-depth management game. It has a very "real-world" feel to it as you not only get to select your senior and youth teams, train your players and use the transfer market; you also control the facilities of the club.

To me, this is the best part, as each upgrade costs money initially, there is also a weekly fee for each building, so you have to be smart about how often and how quickly you upgrade, you must also make sure that your club can sustain the weekly losses of these-high level buildings. This game provides great detail as you can build obviously a stadium all the way down to a fan shop, caterer, etc.

The little niches are what make this game great as well. The game is also somewhat fast-paced which makes it very interesting as you don't have to wait a full week for your matches, like for most management games. This game delivers on the social aspect, too, as they do have a facebook and twitter and active forums on the website; that way there is a good amount of competitive chatter about the game.

The developers have thought of everything to include as many people as possible, the game is available in English, Dutch, Mandarin Chinese, traditional Chinese, Hebrew, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Magyar, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish and more! The developers are willing to translate to any language, provided that there is demand for it and at least a couple of translators.

The developers definitely make this game for me as I had played their tennis manage, Rocking Rackets, and was thrilled to find out they were creating a football game. This manager game leaves no details out and is very open to anyone who wants to play. Please give the game a try, it is growing very quickly, come be a part of it and find out why!


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Sir Didier Drogba

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Yeah, I'm gonna let you get away with this because you asked so politely. But no-one will read it because you dont know how to use paragraphs.