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Also Finland i will be suggest, this National Team after reach the Euro 2020 and having won its first game in the finals of this competition (even with Eriksen's fainting) it gained much international prominence. I think many players must find it cool to play with this National Team.
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paraguay was converted by me. look in my thread of minikits


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I will add a new suggestion for the forum:
Georgia 2022 with new logo for National Team (different then association logo) by Macron
The white is the First and the Red/Black is the Second, the third is black. For me, this one of the best kits for national teams launched this season. Macron has a good job when it comes to national team shirts, I think in some cases, even better than Nike and Adidas. The new Team Georgia logo is inspired by the National Georgian Crest (Which contains references to Saint George)
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i wonder if you think that one of the best kitmaker in these forums isn't aware of the publications of the most mainstream site about football jerseys....if you want these kits to be made, there is a request thread
I understand you, but I want to let nothing fall by the wayside. I want to create a national teams patch for FIFA 14 with nations and players from the Captain Tsubasa series and nations who just make that already appeared in the series as well as others who did not have the opportunity to appear. I want to create a FIFA 14 patch mixing the reality of current season of NTs and the Captain Tsubasa series. Leveraging the 2022 FIFA World Cup Hook.


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New Caledonia kits used in oceania qualifiers 2022:
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I had a little difficulty, but I found the goalkeeper kits through the photos of the teams profiled in the official photo. Probably the lime green kit is the second kit for goalkeeper and the gray with stripes is the first GK kit. I'm not sure, but I think it serves as a basis for kitmakers to make this kits for FIFA.
I made it a few weeks ago, do you want it?


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Moldova font and numbers